Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've made a discovery... you probably made the same one ages ago!

Did you ever notice that little white search box in the upper left hand corner of blogger pages? I didn't either, or if I did, I thought it would be to search for other blogs. No, no, no! It is to search MY blog or whatever blogger blog you may be viewing at the time! So cool! I had no idea! Go ahead try it... type anything in there. Maybe you want to find the recipe for that yucky fun oatmeal dough or that fabulous chicken salad, maybe you'd like to find the links for Earth Hour or Unscrew America. or maybe you'd like to know just how many of my posts contain the word "poop" - SIX!! OK, now seven. Anyway, it is probably a more useful box for blogs with more posts... but still, I couldn't believe that I had no idea it was there!

Oh wait... I've just made another discovery!! Now I've added a search box lower down on the left side of my page between the labels and the archive. Just in case someone else thinks that one way up at the top must be for something else. Geez, I'm so internetty.

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Lisa, where can I find a search widget for my blog page?