Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist

Fischer went to the dentist for the first time ever today. I picked up Going to The Dentist by Dorling Kindersley at the grocery store last night to help him prepare. This morning, we read the little story about Dora's first dentist experience, and studied the photographs of all things dental. I really think it helped Fischer to know what to expect. Although, he still cried when they said it was his turn (he's gone strange - more about that in a minute), he quickly calmed down and let the dentist look in his mouth and count his teeth. The doc said that his teeth were healthy, and in fact the ones that had turned gray after he bonked them a few months ago, are fine now!
I had heard conflicting stories about when is the best age to have your first exam, so I thought we'd just go and make sure everything was going well. Yay, it is. Fischer received a green sticky hand for a bravery prize. I was going to take his picture in the big chair, but he was glued to me the whole time, so that wasn't going to happen.

About "strange", the other day I met a woman who told me that children this age may "go strange". In fact she asked me if Fisch had "gone strange yet". Huh? Apparently the phrase is referring to the clingy whiny, shy, scared, crying 2 1/2 year old that is my son. So, yes, he has officially "gone strange". Let's hope he comes back soon!


Brian and Courtni said...

He sounds like he did well -- and way to go for prepping him!

I never know the right age for things like first dentist trips, when they should be learning colors, etc. I usually just hear someone talking about it and then think "oh crap...i'm behind!" Once again, I think I am behind...Brett is 3 and has yet to see a dentist. However, that will have to wait because unless there is an emergency, I won't be taking him here -- we have a bit of an iffy system.

Jenny said...

Oooh.... we're just about to do our first trip to the dentist as well. I'm a little scared at how she'll do, but she seems to cooperate when people other than her father and me tell her to do something so hopefully, it will go well. I don't know if it will be a big trip... the dentist said to just bring her in with me when I come in for my cleaning so she can "go for a ride" in the chair to see how she handles it all. Pray for me.