Friday, October 31, 2008

Goodbye to October 2008

October is over. This has been kind of a weird month for me. I've been more stressed out than usual and have let the blog slack a bit. We've had plenty of wonderful adventures this month, but I just haven't written about many of them.
This week has been particularly fun since one of my besties has been in town all week. Fischer and BFF have gotten to spend a lot of time playing with P6, Q4 and I2. They've played at each other's houses, at the museum, at MOPS and they all went tick-or-treating together tonight! It has been so much fun and we are really sad to see them go home tomorrow.
I have signed up for NaBloPoMo... so you should be expecting a post everyday in November... see you tomorrow!


Angela said...

You're little firefighter is adorable! Nicky was a pirate and I tell ya, it was a lot harder to get him to wear his costume this year than his other two Halloweens! He put it on, but within a few minutes declared "I NOT a pirate! And wouldn't carry his sword or let us put on the hat.

I was just thinking about NaBloPoMo. I tried last year, but failed about halfway in or so. I might just have to give it another shot. I actually have several folks at work trying the whole novel (that's what happens at a library I guess) but I'm definitely not up for that! Not with grad school anyway. Maybe after.

One more thing, I like how you added the watermark to your photos! That's a good idea.

Craft Matters said...

Fischer looks gorgeous in his fireman outfit! I hope you had a lovely Hallowe'en. We carved an enormous pumpkin & then I had to make pumpkin chutney & pumpkin soup!