Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Autumn Weekend

This weekend was gorgeous. The leaves have changed, the weather was warm... it was perfect. Saturday, Fischer, BFF and I met some friends at the coolest farm for fabulous fall fun! They had everything you could want: animals, hayrides, slides, a spook alley, food - you name it! We had a great time. Unfortunately my camera died after the first picture:

Fischer and BFF had a great time... Fischer even shared his water bottle with a goat! Ew!

Today, my best run-pal and I went on a hike. It was beautiful and sweaty, and I even was stung by a bee! I guess it doesn't sound too fun, but when we reached the top and were able to lounge in some cozy stone chairs and look across the entire valley... it was sooo worth it! Here is the view half way up, I turned around to take a pic of the fall colors (ok that was just my excuse to stop and catch my breath):I'm thinking this picture may be the first in a series I'd like to call: Views from the "gym". Meaning... I'll show you what I can see while exercising and maybe that will help me to do it everyday.


Brian and Courtni said...

That's a great shot of Fischer...darling! I know the view is pretty, but who runs up a trail like that? Good for you...I wouldn't even try to attempt that!

Jenny said...

I have pictures of Fischer from Saturday. I'll send them to you.