Sunday, August 31, 2008

Say a Little Prayer

Cathy has started a new blog devoted to praying for others called Say a Little Prayer. People can email her their prayer requests, she'll post them and then you and I can pray for them. She also has posted links to the blogs that give more information about these families and their prayer requests. She has even posted a list of Prayer Warriors, so that you know for sure that people are praying with you or for you.

The Bible tells us to prayer for others, I found a really nice short introduction to praying for others here. I believe that focusing on, praying for, and loving another can only be helpful. Obviously, God does not always answer our prayers in the way we might have expected, but if you look back... they were answered. That is why keeping a prayer journal is such a great idea.

There are a few ideas on prayer journals here, here, and here.


Liz and Jake said...

Love this idea Lisa. So often we are caught up in our own lives and too often forget about others who are worse off than we are. Just when I think my life is crazy and I'm tired and need a break from my darling children, I read your friends prayer blog and am reminded how grateful I truly am. Grateful that I have healthy children and a roof over my head. Thank you for sharing. I hope you don't mind but I am going to share your post as well.

Lisa said...

Liz- Please do blog about it. the more people who see her site, the more people praying for the requests.
I just happened to stumble across her site as she was just getting it started. I've never met Cathy, but I am very excited about her blog.