Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Listening and Learning

Fischer and I recently had the opportunity to attend an incredible international children's music festival. There were choirs, dancers, and orchestras from the United States, Japan, Kenya, and Nepal. It was a four hour performance and we both loved it. I couldn't believe how well Fischer did (that is a really long tome to sit!!!). During the performances Fischer and I whispered about the different instruments used, and since then we've been reading and talking a lot about them. We picked up Those Amazing Musical Instruments by Genevieve Helsby at the library and have had a good time learning. The book includes a CD-ROM to listen to all of the different instrument sounds. The book is obviously "too old" for Fisch, but we've loved looking at the pics and listening to the sounds.


Brian and Courtni said...

4 hours!? That is amazing that he sat through it all and did that well...what is your secret?

Lisa said...

Courtni - most of the performances were really entertaining, but I also had a stash of toys and snacks in my purse!!