Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brighter Vision... brighter future

A noteworthy and respectable company for learning materials for your 1-5 year old.

Each month you receive a shipment of appropriate leaning materials for your child's age. You'll get a great reusable workbook that is filled with songs, stories, activities, lessons, etc. You also get a hard cover book or board book (for the one-year-olds), a hands-on activity like a craft, toy, or game, stickers, a CD with fun tunes, and a parent guide. Everything that comes goes together nicely in a theme. All of the products are quality and engaging. AND it is for less than $20 (or at least it was last year).

We ordered the free shipment of materials (you can too) and were so impressed that we immediately signed up. Fischer and Andy and I loved the books and all of the items that came along. Everything was really great with lots of ideas for individualising the lessons for Fisch. Around Christmas time, money was a little tight and i cancelled the shipments. SO easy! No run-around, no guilt, no nothing.

This company is incredibly fabulous!!! It is indeed a book-of-the-month-club but WAY BETTER! NO SCAMS! In the past I have felt quite suckered by book of the month clubs and ended up spending way more than I had anticipated. Brighter Vision Learning Adventures is great because there is no minimum to buy, and no extras to buy. You just pay each month for your shipment and if you don't want to, just return it. I was even late on a few payments and never encountered any penalties. I just really feel confident in this company's products and their business ethics. I had forgotten all about them, although we still use all of the materials we received, and last night as I was telling my SIL about them, I decided to look up to see what kind of materials are for 2 year-olds. I think I'm going to sign up again.
If nothing else, try the free shipment and then cancel - nothing to lose and you get a bunch of stuff to keep. I have mounted the reusable stickers, that come with the workbook, on card stock and laminated them so that we can keep them nice. You always get a strip of stickers (2 of each) and I've mounted and laminated those also for matching games. Anyway, the possibilities are endless and oh-so affordable.
Maybe I should get a job with these people!

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