Saturday, July 5, 2008

Call me the Bird lady!

Would you believe that Thursday I came in contact with ANOTHER distressed bird? What in the world? This was a tiny baby something, probably a robin (a nestling). It was on the ground under a tree in the park. It was barely strong enough to hold its own head up. It kept tipping onto its face. Kristy and I were running with Fisch in the park when we saw a little dog pawing it. Kristy yelled at the oblivious owner to pull her dog off. We inspected it and deliberated over it for a VERY long time. Fischer thought we should take it to the hospital. Kristy suggested moving it into a safer area hidden under a tree. I was racking my brain for what was the "right" thing to do. In the end I scooped it up with a diaper and hid it under a tree. Andy (via cellphone) thought we should let nature run its course. I remembered that a baby's bird best chance for survival was with its parents, so I hope they found it.
As an afterthought, I wondered if the bird was possibly kicked out of the nest for being too weak. OMG, don't tell me that I just left a special needs bird alone to die?! I don't want to go back downtown to check on it, because I'm afraid it will be dead, and I can't handle that guilt. Poor little baby!

The Bird lady's other recent encounters: the juvenile robin attacked by fat dog and the trespassing pigeon.

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