Monday, June 23, 2008

More Oooey Gooey Fun (and a colorful clean-up)

Fisch is definitely into anything and everything messy. Sunday afternoon we made a really sticky oatmeal dough. It was good for making mountains for raisin people to hike! I was hoping that he'd eat a bunch of it... no such luck. he'll eat the Karo Syrup art, but not the oatmeal dough - go figure. Fischer played with it for quite a while and enjoyed flinging it at the dogs too!

Our Oatmeal Dough:

2 cups boiling water into 1 cup oatmeal, stir. Mix in 1 cup flour (use more for less stickiness). I added cinnamon for fragrance and flavor and let him dust it with powdered sugar for fun and yumminess (not yummy enough, I guess). I tasted it and thought it was... relatively tasty.

After that mess we had to take a bath before the oatmeal turned to cement on his body! Lately, I've been able to get him excited about bath time if we color the water (just a few drops of food coloring). He loves to choose which color or whether or not to mix colors. (Learning about colors while you bathe? Is there anyplace you can't learn?) Bubble bath is always his first choice, but if we don't have it, we go for the colors!

Oooey Gooey fun here too.


Jessica said...

I'm so impressed by "Naked Boy's" modest pose in the tub!!!!

Lisa said...

Although, it was a modest pose, I felt the need to crop him out. I've had a few people google naked boy and find my blog. So I just switched the pic.

Anonymous said...

Warning on the food coloring- Z has been totally into it ever since we dyed pasta wheels two weeks ago (we sort them, count them, make necklaces, etc) I let him put food coloring in his milk after we finished making the wheels and put them out to dry- now he asks for blue milk, red milk, yellow milk....
:) L

Melissa said...

The food coloring is a cool idea--I will have to try it.