Friday, June 13, 2008

Meme: Toddler "Favorites"

Here is a meme for your little one. Ask him/her the following questions and post it! It is that easy! The trick is not to lead them to their answers. Post them whether you think they are right or wrong or whether or not you think their answer makes sense. It is just fun to see what they say, and then do it again in a month or two.

Fisch: 27 months
  1. Favorite letter: F
  2. Favorite color: brown
  3. Favorite shape: choo choo train with whistle on top
  4. Favorite thing to eat (what do you want to eat?): cookie
  5. Favorite drink: apple juice
  6. Favorite food: apple sauce
  7. Favorite book: Puff the Magic Dragon
  8. Favorite song: Puff the Magic Dragon
  9. Favorite friend: Annika
  10. Favorite number: 9191
  11. Favorite TV show: basketball
  12. Favorite toy: basketball
  13. Favorite thing to play outside: bike
  14. Something I know is a real favorite and he can't live without: 2 blue satiny receiving blankets, Soothie infant binky, plush "sophie dog", and bunny (all of which are his best bedtime friends)
OK, your turn. Feel free to add or skip some of the questions as you see fit. Leave me a comment if you do it on your blog. I'd love to read what your little one says. I especially want to tag Jenny, Liz and Angela for this one. Don't have a blog? Leave your meme in the comments (Lauren).

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Anonymous said...

Adorable pic of Fisch! I would love to do the meme but my problem is going to be finding a spare hand to write down the answers as Miss Zoe is starting to be awake much more during the day now- and sleeping more at night- hooray! Big news here- she rolled over today for the first time! Four times in a row from front to back. Go Superbaby- she is 9 weeks today and made her Daddy's Father's Day :)