Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Fisch is obsessed with whether or not every biker and motorcyclist is wearing a helmet. No matter where we are, they don't get past him without being noticed and reported on:

"Mommy that guy wearing a helmet!"
"Mommy that guy not wearing a helmet. only wearing a hat"
"Mommy that guy not wearing a helmet, so dangerous, crash, get hurt really bad"

Sometimes he dwells on the helmetless person's impending doom, (especially when we are in the car), so I'll say "Let's say a quick prayer for them" and we pray for their safety and that they will wear a helmet next time.

So today we're walking along a park trail when he happens to see a girl riding a bike without her helmet.
"Mommy that girl not wearing a helmet... that not safe"
Then he yells out to the girl, "I'll pray to God for ya!!!"


Liz and Jake said...

LOL! How cute is Fischer...not to mention so smart! We need to get Alex and Fishcher together...I know we both keep saying we should, so let's just do it!!! P.S. Alex looks so cute in her helmet!

Raynola said...

Way to go Fischer...prayer really works! Great post today Lisa, you put me to shame, maybe I should post more than 2x weekly, huh?

Jenny said...

I loved this story when you told me about it on the phone and I still love it! Isn't it great that you have all this written down to look back on and remind you so that you can tell Fisch the stories later on? That's why I love blogging... it's a great type of journal.