Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book of the Day

Harriet You'll Drive Me Wild by Mem Fox and Marla Frazee is my new favorite book! I found it on my shelf the other day, I didn't know I had it - and definitely had never read it. However... Harriet IS Fischer and that mom is ME! This book is very cute about little Harriet who is a "pesky child" but she "doesn't mean to be". She is just like Fisch, where in the course of her day things get broken, messes get made, and curiosity kills the cat (not really). Anyway, her mom is patient and patient and patient and then blows.... and apologizes and they talk about it and end up loving and laughing. I hate to admit it, but the story is VERY familiar to me and my daily life. It is good to remember that Fisch is a regular kid and I'm a regular mom and sometimes things just happen! But... we apologize, and talk about it and love and laugh and it gets all better.

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