Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fisch and BFF - First Date

I'm aware of the bad pic of the lady holding the babies, but look at those two! Aren't they so cute? This is the beginning of their friendship. Fisch was 3 days old BFF was 6 weeks old.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much BFF looks like she does now! I totally recognize her features at 6 weeks. What cuties :) We wish we could have seen them both yesterday- but next week let's get together. We went for a walk to go see the backhoes working (there was a ton of action- we were there almost an hour) and he kept saying "I go find Fischer and play?" And at the backhoes said "Fischer watch backhoes with me?"


Jessica said...

Get out of here ! Look are Fischer's tiny tiny yawn !!!

Jenny said...

Good Lord, are you trying to kill me?! After seeing all the pictures in your Mother's Day books and now this I am just wanting this baby to get here already! That's such a sweet picture!