Monday, June 2, 2008

Boxing Me

Today was not perfect, but that is the point... it isn't going to be... so "WonderMe" is going to have to keep on swinging her fists even after "CrappyMe" gets a jab in. WonderMe made good food choices until 3:45 (even going to a restaurant for lunch!). WonderMe also weeded the garden, recommitted to the 29 Day Challenge, got Fisch to Little Gym (almost on time), worked, picked up, and did some laundry! I know that WonderMe probably sounds like NormalYou, but that is why I've had to make some changes!

CrappyMe ate the cookie dough that she made with her student. CrappyMe also is just sitting down to dinner at 9pm. CrappyMe didn't clean the bathrooms - again.

So, CrappyMe and WonderMe were about equal today. But after reading the comments from my last post, WonderMe is a little stronger and is planning a stronger attack for tomorrow.


Jenny said...

Okay, let's look at this as "glass half full." Do you realize you did at least 80% of everything you wanted to do today, and did it well? That's huge! Most people (although I know you would like to think this is not the case) don't have nearly that amount of success in a day. Meeting goals and maintaining a way of life you think is ideal is hard work. And the cookie dough? Like you said in your previous post, accept the fact that you ate it and aren't to thrilled with it, but now you're back on track. At least you didn't completely cave and say tomorrow is a new day so I'll just eat a couple of candy bars before the clock strikes midnight. That in itself is a learning experience! Well done you!

Liz and Jake said...

I hate weeding and eating healthy well we aren't even going to go there right now!!! You are awesome and if I had weeded my garden,eaten healthy and was on time I would have treated myself to a little cookie dough too!!

Kat Jarvis-Thornburgh said...

It's good to know and see that I'm not the only person out there dealing with the exact same stuff every day. I see friends with immaculate homes, perfecetly groomed children, and not an ounce of fat hanging off their bones... and I'm lucky if I have the energy to unload the dishwasher. Your everyday goals are the same as mine... the exact same! So when I'm arguing with that last load of laundry, or agonizing over the spoonful of cookie dough I'm about to indulge in I will think of you and remember I'm not alone, and that if I can't do it alone.... we can do it together.