Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Fischism

As I'm in the bathrooom blow drying my hair and Fisch is in the other room (kitchen family room area). I turn the dryer off and call out:

Mommy: Fish... What are you doing?
Fischer: I not being naughty, I just looking at stuff!

---So I go out to look and find him playing with some bread pans I'd borrowed from my mom--- ok all is well, back to blow drying----a minute or two goes by, then:

Fischer: Mommy come here! I peed in there!
I run out to a very proud and smiling child holding a bread pan full of pee!!!

Mommy: (trying not to smile) Fischer, that is naughty. We don't pee in there!
Fischer: I not naughty! I sick!
Mommy: You are not sick, you are in time out... let's go!


Mike Mc said...

Damn, he's ready to join a fraternity already?!?!?! ;)

Anonymous said...

missed you today at playgroup- Zev was talking about "playing with Fischer" all morning before we went-

playdate needed soon!