Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just Clicking around: running

  • For more inspiring runners' photos, check out these old Adidas ads, the first one is pretty tight!
  • For tips and information try these fine sights: Run Injury Free with Jeff Galloway, Runners World, Cool Running, Run the Planet
  • Want to know where to run or plan your distance? Try: Map my Run
  • Want some crazy cute running clothes? Look at Running Skirts. If you really want to be inspired look at the maternity pictures!
  • If you are like me, you may have NO idea what to do with yourself in the weight room. here are some animated exercises that may help.
  • Want to run with someone else? Try USA Fit. I'm thinking of joining up with them myself. They even let you bring your baby in the jogging stroller. They have different "teams" depending on your level - from walker to elite.
  • Want a team and a cause? Raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with Team in Training.
  • If your old running shoes are piling up in your closet, you can donate them at Nike, One World Running, The Shoe Bank, Heart and Sole, and let them live on as someone else's prize possession.


Anonymous said...

For running groups- you might also check out See Mommy Run- I joined and get notifications about local mommy running groups. On the skirts- I'm HUGE on these (they are very comfortable and my fav gift to fellow women runners)- TRIKS is the big brand (they started the whole thing) although even Target sells them now. Triks is having a run here in August- want to it with me? Also, are you doing Race for the Cure on Saturday? I would have to walk it because Bernie is working so I'll have both kiddos and Zoe is too little to be run in the jogger (just walked)- let me know if you're going and I think I'll register too-

Janalu said...

Hey where's your twitter!

MamaBird said...

hey, I *love* the pic of the one-handed nose blow! so fabulous, and I am not even a runner.

Lisa said...

L - I'll call you about Saturday.

Janalu - I deleted it because I didn't really have anything interesting to say.

Mamabird - The picture was labeled "snot rocket", which really makes it even better or at least more gross!