Monday, May 5, 2008

Hillbilly Housewife: Low Cost, Home Cooking from Scratch!

I really like things that are cheap, especially when it comes to the ingredients for recipes! So, last year when I found the Hillbilly Housewife, I was VERY thankful! She has many recipes to make things from scratch - and scratch is cheap! I pointed Sheila in her direction, and between the two of us, we've tried out many of her recipes. She also has many ideas on saving money, like making your own sanitary napkins! Eewww! I'm all about being cheap and green but... gross! However, if you feel like taking the plunge you can get her pattern here. She also links to a website for making your own tampons out of rolled up baby socks! Double Eeewwww! After my post about tampon art, I figured I could tell you about DIY period stuff!

Now I've made her seem strange and you won't want to try out her ideas. I really do like her. She is VERY thorough when explaining things, which is good for me when I'm trying to learn how to cook something new. I like her friend Paula's recipe for "Purty nearly instant biscuits" (you know how I like to freeze everything!). Oh and check out the emergency menus, when you are dangerously low on cash. Seriously, spend a few minutes clicking around on her site, and you are bound to find something useful!


Janalu said...

Lisa- c'mon make your own pads I mean it's good for the environment. I hear that the indeans used to use human hair and sagebrush to make thier own tampons. Get back to nature baby!How is it this blog has so many references to female hygine?

Lisa said...

Janalu- I'll wait till you have a chance to perfect the art. Then you can share your tips with me! Plus, you are the sewer in the family... maybe you could start a business. The Hillbilly Housewife allows you to use her patterns to sell them!