Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 2 of my 29 day Giving Challenge

I've had a realization. After today's gift (to a person not a dog), I've realized that blogging about what I gave kind of feels strange to me. It feels as though I am writing it in order for everyone to see what a nice person I am or for some other recognition. That feels to me as defeating my purpose. It also seems that if the recipient of my gift were to read my blog, then they might feel like they were my project rather than a friend or deserving person. So, in lieu of daily blogging about it, I am going to blog at the end of each week to journal my feelings and experiences rather than my actual gifts. Maybe I'm missing the boat here, but this is what feels right for my personal Giving Challenge.

1 comment:

MamaBird said...

interesting commentary. i was thinking of doing the 29 day challenge myself but i agree with your sentiment - maybe i will just do it on my own (and encourage others to do so as well unless i am actually using my blog to give stuff away aka green la girl)