Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 1 of my 29 day Giving Challenge goes to the dogs!

Well, day 1 was not life changing, I gave my son a swimming pool, which my 2 big dogs promptly took over. They played and played and loved every minute of it. Instead of yelling at them to get out, I gave them pool time. I don't know if it counts to give your gift to your dogs, but I really think they deserve it. They are 10 years old and have been wonderful companions to my husband and I, and now to Fischer. they used to be the "main event" in our house and have gracefully (usually) slipped into the shadows to let Fischer have all of the attention. I know it has been difficult. They get left out and scolded a lot now, but they have remained loyal friends. I think I'll let them take a dip every day this summer!

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