Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What was I just going to blog about?

Ok, I have THE worst memory ever. I'm really NOT being dramatic, you can ask anyone who knows me and has had to rely on me to remember ANYTHING! I have a real problem. I have spent a lot of money on memory improvement books, notebooks, calendars, fancy gadget phones, - you name it. I need this tattoo from Fred and Friends! I always write myself a note, but if the note isn't in front of me, I forget that I wrote one!
I do worry about the whole memory thing, but I recently read an article from USA Today called "Babies can cause 'momnesia'". I found the link on goodyblog, it made me feel a little bit better. The article was mostly about moms of new babies, but in the comments section my problem was validated, many moms feel that they are still having trouble once their kids get older. It seems that momnesia stems from a number of things: sleep deprivation, hyper-vigilence, thinking of too many things at once, etc.
Of course, Andy thinks that I need to be going to bed earlier and exercising my brain with research, new skills and Sudoku, to keep my memory on track. What does he know? Now that I have a word for it, I'm perfectly happy buying my to-do tattoo and telling everyone about my newly self-diagnosed 'momnesia". You have to cut me some slack if I have an ACTUAL disorder!
So, if you've been complaining about your Jell-O brain, scatter-brain, flakiness, flightiness, or as my friend Liz calls it: Dora Brain; feel free to jump on board the momnesia wagon. Maybe we can start a support group.

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Jenny said...

For the last two months I had just been using my pregnancy as an excuse. "Sorry I'm stupid,,, I'm pregnant." Now I have an excuse at all times???? This just made my day!