Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Book of the day

Written by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray Illustrated by Audrey Colman

Fisch doesn't know this book yet, but I love it! I first read it to my class when I taught special education. I was a little worried about the "fart" word and thought that they might get carried away... so I waited til the last day of summer school to read it. My assistants and I were laughing, it was really funny! My students, most of whom have autism, did not laugh at all! It was like they found the subject matter to be so completely normal, that it didn't strike them as funny. Everybody passes gas, so what is so funny about a dog doing it? How wonderful not to worry about what other people are thinking (I mean, that is the only reason why gas is embarrassing and funny)!

Now on the other hand, when I taught "typical" second-graders, they were shocked and appalled that their teacher would say "fart" in class, let alone that it would be printed in a book! They were rolling...and they DID get carried away with the sound effects!

The reason I like this book so much is:

  • First of all, it reminds me of my own chubby gassy Kaia (part German Shepherd, part tic - little head big body)

  • Second of all, it really reaches those boys that aren't really into books or reading. They WANT to hear more books like this, and if you can get them listening to stories, you can get them reading!

  • Last of all, the part about other people blaming the dog for their own gas - is priceless. At our house of course, we don't ever have gas... not even our yellow lab, Sophie, ever lets one slip... but poor Kaia - man, she has a REAL problem!

PS If Andy ever read this blog, which he doesn't, he'd die! He RARELY speaks on the subject of gas and definitely NEVER uses the "f" word!


Janalu said...

I saw this at the book store and I coulnd't stop laughing. It is hilarious, there is a few more of them, plus waslter is sucha n ugly dog it makes it funnier.

Lisa said...

Janalu, Walter looks just like Ben's old dog. Ask Matt. He was the same witdth as he was length!