Wednesday, March 12, 2008


  • I have found 3 new non-sweet things my little picky-eater will eat. Laughing Cow cheese, edamame, and rice cakes. He is starting to put more new foods into his mouth and chew them, just not swallow. They all come back out - gross!
  • Fischer did start saying I love you after I posted about the "no I love you". He must have read my blog!
  • I think I may make my "Book of the day" be a weekly book list instead.
  • I'll be starting a new feature where I highlight incredible mom tips from my incredible mom-friend, "Inca". She'll be the Dr. Phil to my Oprah! Next week get excited for her incredible book organization tips!
  • Tonight I found a website that lists computer games to play with your baby/toddler. I know that any screen-time "may damage their brain", but tonight it was a good change from the norm for everybody.
  • Fischer, Andy and I have been HUGE fans of Signing Time, today I saw a video of a 17 month old who is READING and the parents attribute it in part to Signing Time! And they say TV rots your brains!?!
  • We are the proud parents of a child who now says "shoot", "holy cow", and "holy crap"! Oh, and tonight when Andy asked for another goodnight kiss, Fischer said he'd had "plenty kisses".
  • I'm getting my haircut tomorrow. It should be a total transformation! Have you seen those bumper stickers that say "I'm a beautician not a magician"? Well, I NEED the magician!


Jenny said...

Okay, first of all Christine IS a magician! Second, you'll look fabulous and I'm very excited to see the end result! Third, I hope Fischer didn't learn "crap" from me after I said it at the park yesterday in front of him; I know what a little parrot he is! And fourth "Dr. Phil to my Oprah" made me spit out my water when I read it. The end.

Janalu said...

So we need to see a pic of the new you! I saw that little girl on the Today show and she wes cute but a little creepy. I mean how do her parents keep secrets by spelling stuff in front of her instead of saying it.