Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rainy Day Slug by Mary Palenick Colborn is a fitting choice for this rainy evening. Fisch likes this book, he seems to be drawn in by the bright illustrations. The writing is a little lame, but Fischer loves to follow the slug as it sneaks into the house and slimes its way along to the cheek of a sleeping boy! EEEWWW!


Janalu said...

What! I love this book. Nothin's cooler than a slug!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about being lame, my five year old daughter and I wrote the original story together as part of a mommy/me writing class. She insisted that kids would like the nonsense words. They do. Kindergarten teacher trainers use the book as an example when discussing how to teach phonemic awareness. The original phrase was "sillow, sillow, sillow, now it's on my pillow," but Lori drew such an adorable slug resting against the freckled face of the little boy, that I had to change the words to match!

Mary A. Colborn

Lisa said...

Dear Ms. Colborn, please read the apology that I have written here:

Sincerely, Lisa