Monday, March 3, 2008

No I love you.

So this weekend Fischer said for the first time "I love you". He has been saying "I you" for months! So you can imagine how heart warming it would be to hear all three words! If only they weren't preceded by "no". Talk about breaking my heart! I say, "Fischer, can I have a kiss?" and he responds with "NO I love you". Then proceeds to repeat it over and over. I know that I'm an adult and that shouldn't hurt my feelings, but OUCH!

The "NO" stage has come in with the age of TWO, I guess. He is now saying:

"no listening" when I ask him to do something

"no eat Fischer's food" if we take a taste to show him how great it is

"DO NOT pour water on Fischer's head" to wash out the shampoo.

"no kissin' " when we want a goodnight kiss or when we want him to kiss his grandmas goodbye

A new stage, how wonderful. At least he can also recognize when he does something wrong:

He'll color on the walls and then say "Do not draw walls" "not good, draw paper!".

After confessing to throwing my garage door opener out the window, he said "Naughty Fischer".

We have to listen carefully to him when he is playing by himself, if we hear "DO NOT, NOT good, naughty, time out, etc" we know we better rush over to see what he is up to!


Janalu said...

That is so funny that he is ratting himself out. I guess if you don't have a sibling to tattle on you, you have to tattle on yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa-
I've put your blog on the little group that I check regularly as my "break" when working and am enjoying it greatly. Z took a look this morning and said "Hi Fischer!" so I am typing his comment to you. He is all well but I'm still sick and having fevers so not sure when we'll be able to play. OB today was concerned because of the weight loss mainly (I've been sick for 3 solid weeks so what do you expect) but the baby is growing just fine so all is well that is important. I am sucking down a protein shake as I type :)
Anyway- Z's favorite word right now is also NO with a capital N and can be accompained by a whine- On the flip side though, his favorite phrase is "How about..."