Sunday, March 2, 2008

Book of the day

by S.I. International

Fischer LOVES look and find books. It all started with an old copy of Uncle Matt's Where's Waldo book. Fischer gets a huge kick out of finding Waldo (although, now he has memorized where Waldo is on every page). The Thomas book was a Valentine present from my mom. It is great because it has pictures of all of the things to find on each page. Then there is a list of more things to find in the back. It is easier than Waldo because of the size of the pictures. Waldo has a list in the back too, but it is a little too tough for Fischer right now. These books are great for endless conversations about the pictures and good for concentration. Fischer really studies the pictures when he is looking for something specific. He also loves labeling all of the items in the picture that he finds interesting...making it a good vocabulary activity too! Of course, you can find Look and Find books in all of your favorite characters. Oh, and don't forget the I Spy books!

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Janalu said...

Waldo...he's a great guy.