Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Haunted by a rubber duck

Poor Kaia has been tormented all day by a possessed, quacking duck in the bathtub. She was introduced to the duck this morning (an Easter gift from MamaBarb). I put it in the water and it flashed LED lights and quacked (very disturbing, according to Kaia), Fisch loved it. Well apparently, the duck wasn't meant for water, because now it has malfunctioned and hasn't stopped quacking all day (now it is a low watery drowning duck quack). Apparently, Kaia seems to be taking the whole thing personally and feels taunted by the duck. She has been wining and grumbling and checking on it every chance she gets. She seems quite frightened by it. Maybe it is possessed! You'd think as a good dog-mom, that I'd throw the thing away... but alas...no... I was hoping it'd dry out and work normally again. I'll let you know if she has nightmares about it.

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Liz and Jake said...

My dog is haunted by the vacuum. Does that mean if I was a good dog mom I would stop cleaning? HMMMM, I kind of like that idea!