Wednesday, March 26, 2008

24 days to go

I have 24 days till the Salt Lake Marathon! I can't believe it, I'm kind of freaking out! I currently have a muscle tear in my calf, and am trying to nurse it back to health. I'm going to run 20 miles on Saturday and I hope that my leg holds up! Thanks for all of your support and donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

(ah hem... Matt...)


Liz and Jake said...


I can't believe it! First that you are blogging at 7 in the morning and second that we are really going to run a marathon! I hope your leg is feeling a little bit better.

Jenny said...

I'm so gonna be there with embarrassingly large signs and cheering very loudly for you! Aren't you so glad I'm your friend? (Huge sarcasm there!)

Janalu said...

Oh uh yeah I guess I better live up to my promise. It's in the mail this week!

Lisa said...

Liz - whatever about 7 am - my blogging obsession came fron YOU!

Jenny - I AM glad - and I want glitter on my sign!

Jana - I'd say I was kidding - but come on!