Friday, March 12, 2010

Why did I ask?

Me: "Fischer, do you think I'm beautiful?"

Fischer: "When you are wearing earrings, you look beautiful."

Me: "What's the most beautiful thing about me?"

Fischer: "Your earrings. You really should've worn earring's today."

Seriously! Why would I ask such a loaded question?????


Rani and Will said...
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Rani and Will said...

Oh my gosh,I'm dying...Hysterical! By the way Lisa, I think you are very beautiful!

Jenny said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE him! But don't completely trust your toddler... you're beautiful without earrings too!

Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

Thanks Girls. I think next time I go fishing for compliments, I'll come to you two! :)

Ellen said...

Doesn't everyone need a little shiny in their life? At least you know you're always getting the truth from your little man! Gotta love it when he makes you laugh!

American Diamond Traders said...
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