Monday, February 8, 2010

Pain in the butt

After I posted the last Maddie update, she got sick. She had diarrhea and some vomiting. No fevers. It lasted way too long, poor baby. The diarrhea caused a major diaper rash. I'd never really seen diaper rash before, Fischer never had it, this was sooo terrible and appeared to be incredibly painful. I was trying anything and everything to relieve her pain, but the diarrhea kept coming, making it worse.

I had kept her lathered in Boudreaux Butt Paste, which has been my cream of choice for both kids. In fact, I credited Butt Paste for the fact that Fisch never had diaper rash... that and my amazing mothering skills -HA! Sorry. The rash started to look like tiny blisters which then popped... once there were open wounds, the Butt Paste seemed to be painful when applied to her tiny bum. The poor sweet thing screamed and looked at me in shock that I would do something to purposely hurt her! I cried too!

The wipes seemed to hurt her sore tush too. I tried everything to get her healed up. I started using wet paper towels and trying to pat her clean, I tried Vaseline, Desitin, Balmex, Neosporin, lots of baths (that she just kept pooping in - ew) and every combination of them that I could think of. Nothing really helped.

Finally the winning remedy was Balmex Healing Ointment and Maximum Strength Desitin. I put the Balmex on first and the Desitin on top... she was totally protected and started to heal. YAY! The great thing about that Maximum Strength Desitin was that it stayed on between diaper changes, whereas some of the others seemed to either get absorbed or rub off on the diaper.

Did you know that when you use diaper creams you are supposed to apply them like a paint rather than a lotion. You aren't supposed to rub them in. I didn't know that with Fischer.


emily said...

I really should show you Philip's cloth diapers (he wears bum genius diapers from are so easy...and diaper rash is rare (because there aren't any chemicals...)

It was also SO GREAT to see you at church on Sunday...seriously, it's been too long. Hopefully we will see you again soon!

Katherine said...

I like Maximum Strength Desitin, too. But I've learned a trick to help heal the diaper rash quicker. A diaper rash is basically a fungus... living and breathing. Yuck. So I would use anti-fungal cream, the kind you would use on your feet. I would just rub a little on their tiny bums, and then spread the Desitin over it to hold it in place. The rash was usually gone within a day or two. Talk to your doc first, though.

Karrie said...

Kacy once had a diaper rash so severe I put undies on her. She was about a year old, and it was from a bout of diarrhea, too. Then, I bought cloth diapers. Can't really do the undies things when they still have a messy bum, but it helped air her out some. Some kids get it worse than others, and a combination of factors contributes. Not much you can do with toxic poop on sensitive skin.