Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deep thoughts

  • It is impossible to bake cookies and not eat any of them... or most of them.
  • "Your hands feel like feet. " That's what my mom always told me whenever she touched my hands when they needed lotion. Right now they are so dry from washing them millions of times a day. The skin under my wedding ring is cracking!
  • One time I was holding the choir book in middle school and the girl next to me told me that my thumb looked like a big toe. Try holding a book open to share with someone else while hiding your thumbs from view... it is very hard... especially if the book is heavy.
  • Also, one time in middle school, it was the first day of school and I went to sit down at a desk in my math class, and a girl whipped around from the desk in front of me, pointed to the other side of the room and said "You and your little friends can sit over there!" I was totally shocked at her tone. It could only mean one thing... I went home and announced to my mother that I had just discovered that "I'M a NERD!" Then my mother responded very matter-of-factly with, "You can't be a nerd. I'm not a nerd. Your father is not a nerd. Therefor, you cannot be a nerd." So there you have it - it is genetically impossible for me to be a nerd - take that you middle school girl!
  • Sophie has a little tumor or something on her lower eyelid that is poking her in the eye... apparently the vet wants $550 dollars to remove it... and clean her teeth of course. What the? I said, I'll wait till Sophie starts winking at me because it is bugging her. Is that wrong? After all remember the million dollar procedure (and teeth cleaning, of course) that Kaia had to have a few months ago?
  • My family is asleep, my to-do list is a mile long... and yet, I've picked right now to finally write another blog post.
  • I like my own sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies better than yours. Don't worry, everything else you make is better than mine... but not these cookies.
  • I'm contemplating setting an impossible goal... running 365 days in 2010. This is big, since I've only run three times since April. BUT I really want to run the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco next October, and I don't want to be as crappy as my last marathon... so it'd be nice if I shed some pounds and got my groove on instead of just talking about it. I think I'll start with a Couch to 5K plan and go from there. Also... I was thinking that for everyday I run this December, I'd allow those to be my buffer days next year. Like, if I run 5 days now, then I'll forgive myself for missing up to 5 days next year... I'm still thinking about it. I think my stipulation would be that I have to be run/walking for at least 30 minutes. Then, as soon as I can run for 30 minutes without walking... the stipulation would change to running for at least 30 minutes. Do you think 365 days is too big of a goal for this all-or-nothing chick?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I need your sugar cookie recipe, and then I'm thinking I will definitely be running with you everyday if you claim your recipe is that good.

All or nothing is good, just don't get wrapped up in taking it out on yourself is you don't get the 'all'. Running sounds wonderful! Just did a 5K tonight- without my christmas present, mind you.

I want to do that marathon too- I hear it ROCKS!

Raynola said...

If you do it, I will do it. And I know that you can do it, I won't be runnning in a marathon but I will run for an hour a day, every day for the next year. And I will soldier you on, (Maybe that should be sergeant you on)if you want. Just do it! We'll go to the beach together in our new bikinis, eh? Oh! EEk, maybe not! but I will make you sugarfree cookies every once in a while.

Karrie said...

I don't know... that sounds like a high risk of failure, because you will get sick, or your kids will be sick, or they'll be a blizzard or something. But hey, go for it, and if you happen to miss a day here or there, you'll still be better off than you are today.

You could almost talk me into meeting you in San Fran with my running shoes... almost. I would be starting from scratch and it would probably take me HOURS to finish. HOURS.

Do they have bathrooms and diet pepsi breaks? Ghiredelli Square on the route?

Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

Karrie, yes to bathrooms, yes to chocolate on the course!!! Seriously! Oh and hours and hours... that goes for me too! I've done one marathon in barely under 6 hours and one that was fairly over 6 hours!

Ray - I always knew you would be up for any kind of weirdo exercise plan! You are on!

Jenny said...

I'd be up to trying to run 365 next year with you simply because I want to run the Phoenix Rock and Roll marathon in January of 2011. BUT... I think Karrie makes a good point, what about sickness or something of the sort? I'm assuming we can forgive ourselves for that... right?

Oh, and yes, your sugar cookie recipe is better then everybody elses... but damn... cocky much? No, never mind, it is that good. My sugar cookies always suck. Maybe yours are made with just a bit more love! ;)

Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

Jenny - when you only make 2 things well... then yes, you have to be a bit cocky about it. I am definitely no Jenny-O-Martha extrordinaire!... If I cooked and baked like you, I'd have to be humble.

I'm thinking we give ourselves 52 days off. That is one day a week. Either take it as a rest day or save it for the unexpected. Still thinking...

Hariella said...

I am so glad that we found your blog. I am excited to keep in touch with you. It was awesome to meet you at the funeral. I hope you are enjoying our letters. I can say "I love you"

Anonymous said...

Hey- Glad to see you posting! Cari and a group of friends did the San Fran marathon in the fall of 2006. I actually was the one who talked everyone into doing it and then Z1 was born that April and I decided I couldn't do it in October as I wasn't sure how to handle the nursing and the whole day like that. (First time Mommmy jitters) But, anyway, Cari even set up a little blog called "Running for Chocolate" and we were all blog members and would post about our running since none of us lived in the same state. They had a good time at the marathon but it is really hilly- I know the course has changed some though, and you'll have the Utah advantage. I am still wanting to do it myself so maybe I'll join you! The necklace was a bit of a let-down according to Cari- that was what I was all pumped about. It was men in tuxedos handing you the blue Tiffany boxes but she thought the necklace itself was not that great. Might be better now.

On the being a "streaker" (that's what it is called when you run every day in a row for a set period)- I think you're setting yourself up for injury. If you really want to streak, you might consider doing some sort of exercise for at least 10 minutes every day. That leaves you more options- you could stretch for 10 minutes if you were sick, for example, and still meet your goal. I've been thinking about trying this again- I attempted it at one point last year but gave it up.

This is a really long comment so I'm stopping!

Craft Matters said...

Hi Lisa - just popped round to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas. Hope you are doing well. Huge good luck with your plan to run the Women's Marathon next year. xxx