Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM/Grandma!

So, I told you my mom was a rock star.... why you ask? Well, actually she is a self-proclaimed rock star, BECAUSE she has just realized that this year I have come to respect her infinite motherly wisdom! :) Actually, it is true. Somehow, my mom finally seems to know a thing or two about life, motherhood, womanhood, family, marriage, friendship, faith, health, etc. It is so amazing.... she went for years (especially my teen years) where she knew absolutely nothing! Poor thing! So basically she is rocking the advice these days... and I'm listening!
Happy Birthday Mom!
Congratulations on your Rockstardom! You are too fabulous for words, too twisted for color TV, and the most beautiful person I have ever known. I am so glad that you are my
Rock Star Mom!

Mom and me a million years ago.


Ellen said...

LOVE your mom! Happy Birthday to her! Hope she gets to spend the day with her beautiful grandbabies.

Jenny said...

I agree with your mom... she IS a rockstar. You're mom is great and I love that picture of the two of you! Could you look any more like little Maddison in that picture? Um... no.

Great post!