Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get in Shape Girl

So, in an attempt to stay sane AND get in shape, I'm getting my groove on. Apparently an hour of exercise every day can possibly be just as effective as medication and/or counseling. As if I actually needed another reason to get my butt in gear... feeling like a crazy lady has given me that last little shove.
Running and a variety of The Biggest Loser workout videos from the library... and I'm well on my way to a new healthier and happier me. I will give my Bod a shout out for losing about 50 lbs after Maddie was born. Way to go Bod! My Bod deserves a little kudos after being so stubborn and refusing to lose weight after Fischer was born! Remember how I even ran another marathon between the two kids? NO weight lost!... or at least not any worth bragging about.

Ummm, wait a minute, did she just say she lost 50 pounds and still needs to get in shape? Ummm, YES - thanks for pointing that out! Jerk.

This is it, there is no reason to wait. I'm not having more kids, I don't need to gain more weight... I can only go up from here right? Or rather, go down from here. I'm outing myself as a chubby mama, now you know. BUT... oh just wait, soon I'll be outing myself as a card carrying member of the "HOT MAMA" club! In fact, on that day, I shall take a picture of myself in a white unitard and post it proudly... nothing to hide! See, now you are rooting for me... just because you want to see me in white spandex. Thank you for your support, and I forgive you for making that sarcastic comment about my 50 pounds.


Karrie said...

On days I don't get to have some good ol' alone time with my running shoes (even if I'm just walking), I'm much more grumpy.

Good luck on your journey- I'm sure you'll do well!

ps- I know several gals who have run marathons and not only did they not lose weight, but they gained. And no, it was not all muscle (according to them). I guess it's not uncommon. Me? I have no idea, as I can't seem to get my sorry butt to run right now. I'm working on it...slowly. I've got my track all groomed and ready to go.

Jenny said...

You are so going to be in the "Hot Mama's Club!!!" And I will be right there with you.... minus the white spandex. That's all you.

Andrew said...

I want to be a member too...however I would much rather wear black spandex if you don't mine! Good luck and BTW I always think you look cute. Totally jealous that your body just decided to shed 50 pounds by itself...so not fair. Mine has decided to hold on to mine...I think they have become good friends...it couldn't have anything to do with the halloween candy hiding in my cupboard...not at all!

Andrew said...

ok so you are probably wondering who Andrew is...guess I should have logged out of my sons google account before posting a comment! SERIOUSLY WHATEVER...now you know who I am!