Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rockin' in Reno

Fischer and I went to Reno for a few days to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We hadn't seen them for sooo long. It was so fun for Fischer to spend time with his Uncle Matt and Aunt Jana... he loves them! I don't think he really remembered them other than from pictures and from us talking about them... so this was great!

Fischer and I drove out there with my parents. It was quite the long drive... but Fischer was busy with movies, snacks and fun (MamaBarb is a great entertainer). Grandpa was able to stay on course with three... yes THREE GPS devices going at once! When all three would start telling him where to turn... he'd start saying "Girls, girls, don't fight!".

The highlight of the drive for Fischer was probably helping Grandpa get gas, and the lowlight was when he tripped and fell at a rest stop while racing his grandma! He skinned his knees and they HURT! After that, he only wanted his daddy and he wanted to go home!

Once we arrived at Matt and Jana's, it took Fisch a little while to warm up... but then he started having a great time... unless he started thinking about his knees again. :(

We all had a wonderful visit. We love playing at their beautiful new house, Lake Tahoe and the pool. We ate lots of great food and did our fair share of bonding.

Fischer loved spending so much time with MamaBarb and Grandpa. He played hard with Aunt Jana.I think he was in awe of his Uncle Matt.We can't wait to see them again late this summer when they come to visit the new baby. BTW, Aunt Jana gave the baby the most adorable and hilarious teeny tiny pink bikini! I can't wait to take her picture in it!


Jen said...

What a fun trip. Love that your dad had three GPS at once- Ha! He must like ladies telling him how to drive. The beach pics are great!

Ellen said...

What great pictures of a fun vacation! Nice to see your whole family. Tell them hi from me. Thanks for sharing.