Sunday, June 21, 2009

All about my dad...

Fischer's thoughts on his Dad:

  1. I like when he makes me chocolate milk

  2. I like when he makes me water.

  3. I like when he plays with me like blocks and Lego's.

  4. I like to go to the grocery store with Dad.

  5. I like to weed and dig with him.

  6. I help him with his hockey laces.

  7. Dad's good at putting on my new sandals.

  8. Dad's favorite treat is doughnuts.

  9. Dad's favorite snack is beer and chips.

  10. Dad knows how to make green beans and stuff like that.

  11. Dad likes to eat with us.

  12. Dad teaches his students at work.

  13. Dad likes to make hockey time and work out.

  14. Dad saves us from anything.

  15. Dad smiles when we are home.

  16. Dad smiles when he has doughnut holes and strudel bites.

  17. I love my Dad.

  18. Happy Father's Day!


Jen said...

It is definitely fun to hear what they come up with. Fischer has great insight on his dad!

Cami said...

Sooo Cute! I love fishisms and hearing about him on here. You are so lucky to have such a smart boy. I'm excited for your little baby girl too!

Jenny said...

As usual... too much cuteness for my heart to take. I love him!