Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Super Fabulous Day for ME

I'm off to bed... early... but not before I tell you a tiny bit about my super fabulous day alone...

First BFF and her amazing Mommy came to pick up Fischer and take him to playgroup and keep him all day long to play. Then I scooted off to have the most wonderful massage. It was an hour of heaven... and I hope that all of that rubbing and lotioning will make it so my arms do not go numb tonight, as they have been for the past few weeks. If that is the case... then I might just be in love with the girl who gave me my massage.
Next I took in another hour of pampering as I received a very fine pedicure with more massaging of my legs and feet. I came away with pretty toes... it had been awhile!
Then I lounged for a while at a favorite little cafe and had my favorite lunch and a very delicious big cookie!
Next... oh yes, there is more... I spent the next two and half hours getting my hair cut and highlighted while chatting with my friend who is a very talented stylist. So of course, I look fabulous! OH, and she waxed and dyed my eyebrows... that was new for me... I can't say that part was particularly fabulous, but the outcome was nice.
And finally I picked up my happy tired little boy from his day o' play and headed home to my loving husband for some tasty pancakes.
I am so very grateful and so very blessed. Seriously... BEST DAY... I never do things like this, it had been a year since I last got my haircut and ten months since my last pedicure and I've NEVER had a massage (except that one weird time but that was a strange and humiliating experience years ago). Sooo, I feel sooo good! Thanks to my Mom and Andy and to BFF's Mommy for making my fabulous day possible! Now, to do it all again in another 31 years...
Thanks for letting me brag... ;) And no, it wasn't even my birthday... it was no special day at all... which made it that much more special!


Jenny said...

I'm so sad I wasn't able to join you but it sounds like it was an awesome day to have by just yourself! Isn't it amazing how we took for granted these kind of days when we were childless? Don't get me wrong, the joys of having children is beyond words but having a day of luxury and beauty to yourself is something you can't really appreciate until you never seem to have time to have those kinds of days. I'm so happy you had such a great day and now I don't have to email you to find out how "Day of Beauty 2009" went. BUT, we did miss you at playgroup today!

Karrie said...

Oh man! I am jealous! The best part to me is it seemed like you weren't rushing anywhere. I always seem to need to get back in a hurry. I have a gift certificate for a massage for an hour. I've had it since July. Sad. I will call tomorrow and make an appt.

Vicki said...

Wow, so jealous! That sounded like the perfect day. The best part is you got to come home feeling beautiful! Good for you!

Raynola said...

Happy Beautiful Fabulous Day to You! Well deserved I might add, good for you.

Robert and I both miss you a whole bunches. I hope you have more fabulous days and happiness.