Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Talk to me Tuesday: Cake decorating HELP!

I'm attempting to make these cute little Lego cakes for Fischer's birthday party on Saturday. I found the recipe here on Betty Crocker - it is the best looking of all the Lego cakes I've found so far on the Internet. So, today I took a trial run and - YUCK! The frosting is the problem. After making the sheet cake, you slice it into smaller pieces to create different sized Legos... but that means that you are frosting the crumby sides. I froze the cake and still ended up with a very crumby frosting job.

? - Do you have any tips on how to do this? I've decided to do a white cake, so the crumbs aren't as obvious (I tried chocolate today), and I just used the frosting they recommended from the container... but there has to be a better way. Do I whip it or something? Do you know of a better frosting for this sort of thing? I've been using a butter knife, is that the problem?

I did discover, the marshmallows were easier to frost on top of a fork, rather than the suggested tooth pick ... but still they didn't look nearly as smooth and professional as the picture.


?- Also, I'm planning on making mini-cupcakes for the kids with Lego candy on top. Do any of you have any tips on the best way to pry the little suckers from the pan without sticking? I've gotten mixed reviews on whether or not to use the tiny cupcake papers. Is there a spray that's better than another? Have you tried those sprays with flour in them?

?- I ordered the Lego candy online and they haven't arrived yet. Have you ever eaten these? Are they the consistency of Smarties or conversation hearts? Will they be easy for 3 year-olds to chew?

?- I tried to find the Lego fruit snacks that Kelloggs had, but they don't seem to be sold in any of my local grocery stores and I couldn't even find them on the Kelloggs website. I saw them on Amazon, but they are unavailable. It is probably too late to order them now anyway... but if you have seen them in a particular store this week, let me know!

Thank you for ANY advice you can share, I need serious help before Saturday.


Jen said...

Wow, you wake up early!!!
Try using a frosting knife. you can pick up a small cheap one from the super market, or get a nice, wider bladed one, this one is my favorite, from a store which sells supplies. I have used cup cake papers for my mini cupcakes! Spray good with pam olive oil spray. I mean really good. If not, spray the pan really really good! That should do the trick.
Did you cut your cake after it was frozen? If you can get through it, it would probably crumble less when frozen. Who knows, I have not tried that. What you could do is use a tip to apply frosting, and then smooth the top layer with a frosting knife, that way you don't get crumbs. Just a thought, I haven't tried this myself though!
The Lego idea is awesome. Let us know how they turn out. Looks cute!

Vicki said...

Dont hold me to it but I think (key word think) that I saw some Lego fruit snacks at Ream's? Have you tried there? If I go there today I will ck again and let you know! Love the lego cake idea.

Raynola said...

You might want to try the new rectangular silicone cupcake forms. Or you might try using a crumb coat of frosting, frost the cakes one time then place it in fridge for a couple of hours, even overnight, then frost a second time with a finish coat. Hey, what do you make the top dots with?

P.S. I told it was a girl this time! Hello Lilly Girl!

Lisa said...

Jen- I'm borrowing the frosting knife from a friend, great tip. I did cut it while frozen and I think that helped a little. I'm going to pick up the papers for the cupcakes, I think.

Vicki - I'll check there, I'm not too hopeful since I found that a lot of people complained that the lego fruit snacks may make their child eat and choke on real legos!

Ray - i think that sounds like a great tip. A friend just called me with that exact idea of frosting it twice! The tops are jumbo marshmallows cut in half.

Oh, and not only did you call that this one would be a girl... you called it when i was pregnant with Fischer. You said he'd be a boy and the next one would be a girl... whoa - you've got some powerful skills there!

JessTrev said...

via mental floss, DIY lego gummy candy:


Angela said...

I can't wait to see how your cakes turn out. Cause to be honest, I notice in the photo there THEY didn't show every side, know what I mean?

The ideas here sound really good. I hope you can get it to work! I do know that warm whipped frosting is really a lot easier with a wide spreader knife than a butter knife. I just buy the whipped topping though. I think you end up using more though, so buy extra.

I can't remember where, but I've had those lego candies. They were really hard, like the old SweetTarts. But 3 year olds will probably love them anyway.

By the way, Nicky did actually go to bed at about 9:30 even though he napped till 7. All we can figure is he was still getting over his cold and needed the sleep. Good thing!

Janalu said...

First off if you think lego's are hard wait until SHE asks for a barbie or god forbid a unicorn cake! But take the advice of frosting twice, first coat should just be slapped on there to cover the cake, second layer will cover the first layer and all the cummys in in it, good advice! Just so you know, we didn't get him a cell phone, he has to be at least 4!

Karrie said...

1- congrats on your girl! yay!
2- congrats for being brave to try and duplicate these cute cakes, and for giving it a trial run. I tried a lady bug cake once, the day of, and now I stick with rectangle cakes. Mostly because I don't have an oven right now (for the last three+ yrs). The pros make these look SO easy. I have seen two different things for easier frosting on the food network (I'm a big fan.) One, sometimes they do a "crumb coat". Maybe google that and see exactly what that entails, as I've only watched it done a few times, and never done it myself. The second is to pipe the frosting on initially (you could use a zip-lock baggie with the corner snipped)and then try to smooth it out. It always works on TV.
3- can I just say I love cupcakes?
4- good luck!