Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ummm.... What to say?

It is 8:20 in the morning, I'm sitting in my nice warm bed listening to Fischer play and sing in the other room. I am desperately trying to think of some fantastic and interesting thing to blog about. You may have noticed that I've lost my blogging momentum. Andy was home for two weeks over the holidays and we enjoyed being lazy and hanging out as a family. I am off routine and am trying to get back together. Somehow, though, after all of that rest and relaxation, I am feeling uninspired to write.


I could tell you about a few new philanthropic organizations that have recently caught my interest, but it feels like after a long stint of no blogging, I should write about something more personal.

I could tell you about how Kaia is emitting the most horrific smell on a fairly regularly basis and it makes me want to throw up. I've lost all patience with her and am constantly trying to get her to stop following me around... so now she seems depressed and I feel guilty... But talking about dog gas isn't very classy and why would anyone want to read about it?

I could tell you about how the other night when I was giving Fischer a bath, he said "You have good energy, Mom!" But then you'd probably start wondering about what we talk about at our house... Seriously I don't know where he got that.

If I wrote about that then I would start to get on a roll talking about of all of the Fischisms of late. Such as, before Christmas when we were talking about Christmas being Jesus' birthday, and Fischer wanted to bake Him a birthday cake. I said that'd be a good idea, but then he wanted to TAKE it to Him. I tried to explain that Jesus is in our hearts and if we celebrate His birthday and eat His cake, that will make Him happy. Then, after a really long pause.... he gets this worried look and asks me, "How did Jesus get in my tummy?"

But if I told you all of that then I'd have to tell you about the bumbling answer I gave about God creating us and putting a piece of himself into us and while I was talking I realized that to Fischer this might sound like God put His toe inside of him and an His elbow in me and and his eyeball inside Daddy... which sounded scary and then I just kept talking and talking until I felt that I'd been totally clear and insightful... and he had no comment.

OR I could tell you after this long saga of home repairs the work men should be done today. Hopefully the bill will come close to the original quote.

I could tell you that we are in the final stages of potty training, and Fischer has given up the night time pull-up for underwear at night. Which means we made it through with only having to buy one case. It also means that he wakes up twice a night to go potty...and so do we.

I could make a little announcement about being pregnant. That is kind of an exciting thing to talk about but maybe not as exciting of a thing to read about. Plus maybe you already knew. AND I have had the realization that I may not be able to sleep through the night without interruptions for FOUR more years!

So as you can see, I'm at a loss for words today. So I think I won't write about anything, and I'll just get ready for the day and go pick up BFF for a playdate.

Have a great day!


Cami said...

You crack me up lisa! You may think your life is boring, but I love reading about it. Keep blogging.

Quiet Room, isn't quiet! said...

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Rani and Will said...

Congratulations!!! WHen are you due? You totally crack me up, and so does Fischer!

Karrie said...

Congrats on being pregnant!

Don't you just love the brain of a two year old? My third is a pretty good talker, and he cracks me up with the things in his head. And trying to explain abstract concepts is a joy (not really) so props for even trying. I decided a long time ago, like when I was six, that if I ever had kids, and they asked me a question, I'd answer it honestly and not just say "Wait 'till your older" or "It's magic" or "Go ask your dad." I have had to say "Wait until you are older for some sex questions. I figure when they are around 7 or 8 they can handle all the details and not go around the grocery store saying all those lovely terms.

emily said...

I knew you and BFF couldn't have your babies too far apart! Congratulations!!! One of these days we'll have to get together instead of just reading each other's blogs...

Vicki said...

I love that you so casually just threw in "oh yah and I am prego" that is so exciting it deserves its own posting! Congrats!

Brian and Courtni said...

You shouldn't be at a loss for words -- pregnant? YAY! Congrats, Lisa! That is so awesome! Fischer will love having a sibling...someone else to bring good energy to your home :-) Thanks for always keeping me entertained -- love your blog!

Quiet Room, isn't quiet! said...

Hi Thanks for getting back to me promptly. I am just hoping and fingers crossed to if the problem will go away itself later on (as I don’t know what else I can do with it).


Craft Matters said...

Huge congratulations to you Lisa! I am delighted to hear about your pg. Wishing you a very happy healthy pregnancy.

We have had some very funny discussions about baby Jesus here too!

Liz and Jake said...

I'm glad I am not the only one in a blogging rutt! However it looks like you were much better at getting over yours than I was! Congratulations again on your pregnancy! I am so excited for you!!

BTW book club Tuesday at 7...I hope you can come. I know it's usually on Thursdays but Angie is hosting and can't meet on Thursday for a while.

Mike Mc said...

congrats cuz. name this one after me.

Love mike.

Kat Jarvis-Thornburgh said...

Congratulations Lisa! I didn't know you were pregnant! How far along are you? How do you feel?