Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheers and Jeers

The goings on of late...
  • JEERS: The handy man ended up charging us almost FOUR TIMES his original quote without ever updating us along the way to this fact. AND because his original quote was so low, I didn't make a claim to the insurance... and now it is doubtful we'll get anything back. Grrr.
  • CHEERS: Fischer's BFF had a fabulous sledding party that we all loved. Andy took Fisch and BFF down the hill a number of times, each time they flew further and further away! Fischer actually preferred "sledding" on his snow pant butt to using an actual sled, though.
  • JEERS: We decided that I had jumped the gun on having Fisch sleep in underwear instead of pull-ups. He is not quite ready for that.
  • CHEERS: Fischer has told me today that I am "amazing" a "good mommy" and has called me "Mommy Sweetie Pie". Awwww. Everybody needs a guy like him around!
  • JEERS: I have felt nauseous every day this week.
  • CHEERS: I haven't gained any weight.
  • JEERS: My body has expanded and I look WAY more pregnant that I actually am!
  • CHEERS: I have been nicer to the dogs...
  • JEERS: Kaia still stinks so bad I could vomit!
  • JEERS: I thought there was an intruder in my house today... I panicked a bit and got Fisch and I out.
  • CHEERS: It seems to have been my imagination!
  • JEERS: I am obviously crazy!
  • CHEERS: I'm OK with that!
  • CHEERS or maybe JEERS: I've been going to bed between 7:15 and 8:15 almost every night lately!
  • CHEERS: I think I'm really back to blogging now. I hope I didn't lose you.


Brian and Courtni said...

Gotta love the "second" pregnancy's like your body knows whats coming and just decides to do it in advance.

PS Glad there was no intruder...but if there had been, you would have been glad to be out of the house, right?

Jenny said...

Nauseous, huh? You kind of deserve it since your first pregnancy was flawless! See how caring and understanding I am? Jeers to me!