Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Patience Lost

Tuesday, as I was trying to sort and fold laundry on my kitchen table, Fischer wanted to "help". He was climbing on and off the chair with an armful of small toys that kept making him slip. The toys were getting in the way of my folded piles as Fischer was quickly pulling item after item out of the basket. So, I tossed the toys across the room onto the couch in frustration. They were in my way. Suddenly, Fischer bursts into tears. "I didn't want you to throw my toys.." sob, then he stops abruptly and very seriously looks at me and says

"Mom, I need you to be patient with my toys."
Ummm. He pretty much put me in my place. All I could do was take a deep breath to calm the frustrations, and pick up his toys. We found a better place for them to wait while he was actually really helpful sorting socks.
Why is it so easy to fly off the handle? To snap at a loves one, get frustrated with a child, or yell at the dog? I really felt like God was speaking to me through Fischer just then. I believe he was telling me to cool it, step back and make a better choice. Breathe! In that one sentence, I felt I was being reminded to exercise great patience and to approach my ridiculous frustrations in another way. When I told Andy about the incident he said, "Remember, he is an old soul and that will come through more and more the older he gets. That is why it will be a challenge and privilege to raise him."
A 'privilege'? I had forgotten.


Jenny said...

It's easy to forget about the privilege part when you're cleaning up the detergent and dog food he and Avery threw all over the clothes piles in the laundry room! Actually, it is probably still a privliege because I think my daughter had more to do with it than I care to believe. Your boy is perfect... stop throwing his toys!

Jenny said...

I just saw a quote that I loved and made me think about this post. "It is better to build boys than repair men." You're building Fischer well... even if you aren't patient with his toys.

Brian and Courtni said...

I love that -- and certainly have my moments when I need to breathe as well. Good to get a reminder...