Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Calling all boy moms and pee pee experts!

I need help... again. This time I'd like to ask you all about pee pee. Fischer has been in underwear for about 6 months. He is 31 months old. He initiated the potty training, he did great for quite awhile, and then the novelty wore off. He started having accidents. So I upped the ante, now instead of just getting an m&m or a skittle for using the toilet, he could get a great prize for going the entire day with dry underwear. I implemented the oh-so-tantalizing and incredible prize bag. That worked pretty well for awhile, I have always made sure the prizes were totally awesome so that he'd want them, but he is still having accidents. He is capable of staying dry all day, and although he wears pull-ups at night, he often is dry in the morning.

Here is where you come in... you pee pee experts. I'm calling it an accident and he is losing out on the prize anytime his underwear is even a little bit wet. Is this wrong? Do boys just leak? I'm scratching the day for the tiniest bit of wetness because he will tell me that he peed his pants. i don't know that he could decipher between pee pants and leakage. Often I feel like he is going a tiny bit and then realizes he needs to go to the bathroom. HOWEVER, don't forget that he can stay dry and has stayed dry plenty of times. The past two days have been dry. But we have gone for long stretches without two dry days in a row.

What is happening? Is he too young? Is he just too busy playing to stop and go? Does he have a problem that I should talk to the doctor about? Is the incentive not great enough?

I think I've given you enough info - please tell me about your experiences and/or your advice. You were able to solve our binky problem... so I've come begging for your guidance once again. Please help! Thank you.


Raynola said...

You can shake it, you can tap it, you can do a little dance. But no matter what you do, there'll be three drops in your pants! (This goes for Andy too!) Mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-
One of my friends told me she handles this by only calling it an accident if clothes need to be changed. Seems reasonable- maybe you could teach that to Fisch as the definition of being wet?


Brian and Courtni said...

I don't think that he is too young...especially since you know he can be dry.

I do think that it is totally normal for kids to get carried away with what they are doing and wait until the last possible second and then PANIC-- if he drips a little and can stop it and realize that he has to go and hurries into the bathroom, I wouldn't even make it an issue. My son went through that, but it was never enough that I could even really see what he called an "accident" so I stopped worrying about it. I think it is all part of the maturing into it.

You probably do this, but I always would make sure that if my son hadn't used the bathroom for a couple of hours, I had him go use it even if he insisted he didn't have to. I think 99% of the time he did and it prevented a problem later.