Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beautiful Autism and Powerful Words

Those of us who have had a personal relationship with a person who has autism, know that people who have autism are just as unique and beautiful as people who do not have it, sometimes more so.

I have recently found myself lost in the beautiful Faces of Autism. Casdok has created a unique blog where parents submit a picture of their autistic child and a bit of info about them. They usually all link to their own personal website about their child or their family. I think that some older individuals have submitted pictures of themselves and linked to their own blogs. This is a creative way to let outsiders in on the beauty of these children and also a way for parents and autistic individuals to find each other and connect.

Casdok is the author of Mother of Shrek, a personal website about her son, C, and their experiences together. I find their encounters fascinating and sometimes disturbing. This mother and son have run into some incredibly rude and ignorant people. I cannot imagine the same situations occurring here in my neck of the woods, although sadly... I'm afraid they may. In any case, she is an inspiring real mother who is tackling life one day at a time... like the rest of us. I think she is hoping that through her blog, she and C may help you and I to think differently. Check her out, and don't leave without clicking around in her sidebar for related issues and definitely take a moment to read C's autistic rap!

While we are on the subject of neurodiversity and rudeness... let's not forget the power of our words!

For more information about words, please check out the R Word Campaign and another strong video: Offense Taken.

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