Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Run run as fast as you can...

Last weekend Fisch ran his second 1k. The first was last year (when he was one) and was nothing short of hilarious, as he and his buddies did everything BUT run and probably finished the race a good half hour after the rest of the pack!

This year went much better.
He did his pre-run stretches (I know, I know, pre-run stretches are controversial).
He ran with his friends, but mostly with Daddy and MamaBetsy while I took pics of everybody. He did some running, some walking, some hanging between their hands, some riding on daddy's hip, but he kept moving......well of course, he did have to stop to check out an interesting storm drain (but who wouldn't?).
Twelve minutes and seventeen seconds later... he finished!!!

He received his finisher's medal which was in the form of a stuffed rhinoceros. Fisch and his running partners posed for the fans. (Ummm, totally impossible to get a pic with all 5 of them looking and smiling in the same direction!)

Afterward, he worked on his post-run refueling, very important.

Mommy is so proud!


Raynola said...

Starting him out early huh Lisa? Good for you and Fischer, he's very lucky to have parents like you and Andy.

Brian and Courtni said...

That is hysterical. I didn't even know that they had 1Ks for kids! Too cute.

Casdok said...

Well done Fischer!! :)