Monday, July 28, 2008

A public apology

The following letter is a response to Ms. Colborn's comment, left here after she read the quick and thoughtless blurb I wrote about her book, Rainy Day Slug.

Dear Ms. Colborn,

I'd like to apologize for the poor choice of words I used to describe the writing in your book. While, I do find the flow to be a little less than smooth, I actually really like the book. My son loves it and my husband and I read it to him all of the time. I also used it in my classroom, specifically with my students who have special needs. You are correct in saying that children love the language you used. I have experienced that first hand and feel terrible that I had so off-handedly and un-thinkingly called it "lame".

In my Special Education class we often followed the reading of the story with making slug slime! The kids loved it and the part about the slug on the boy's cheek... was of course their favorite! It is Fischer's favorite part too. The "EEEWWWW" was from me... and I am so obviously... an ass. So I want to publicly apologize and let my readers know that I do like this book, and I have used it in the classroom, and I do find it valuable for children.

Also, I'd like to say that the idea that you have written this book with your daughter and had it published is beautiful. I could only dream of an experience like that. Although I love to read and collect children's books, my skills as a writer are severely impaired.

Again, I'd like to apologize for the insult and the feelings it caused. I assure you that I feel quite humiliated and will think before I write next time.



PS Have you read this? Unfortunately, it probably describes me!!!


The Cundick 5 said...

Lisa~ Way to go I admire your bravery and integrity to apologize "publicly". So may of us are to smug to admit when we use what we think are innocent comments and words that we don't think will hurt anyone and when we find out that we have hurt someone we turn the other cheek. Way to go girl!!!

Jenny said...

I ditto Cundick 5. And I hope the author will know you mean it with all sincerity since that is the kind of person you are. It's a lovely apology.

Jessica said...

Sounds like Ms. Colburn has her book on Google Alerts. I think it was very big of you to apologize. We all say things in passing that we don't mean. Hopefully this apology will Google Alert her ! Tell Fischer I said "HI YA!"

Janalu said...

I think that authors should be able to take the good with the bad. Maybe "lame" wasn't the perfect word but not everyone can like your book. Authors should be glad that people take the time to read thier books and review them truthfully instead of just saying " oh this book is cute". I like your review. You should also be proud that lots of people read your blog and I'm sure many have the same thoughts as you.

Liz said...

After reading your apology, I think your writing skills are quite good. :)