Friday, June 20, 2008

Just clicking around: kiddo fun

Summer is here and some of the school-aged kids are already bored, and some of the toddler moms are needing new and exciting ideas. I've been clicking around looking for activities, so thanks to all of the creative people out there and thanks to GoodyBlog for a few links. Here are a few to keep us all busy for awhile.

  • First is for the littlest ones. Instructables (a fabulous how-to website) has a great list of How to Amuse Toddlers. A lot of the ideas are things you know but may have forgotten, or old favorites tweaked a bit. The best part is, almost all of the ideas are using things you have around the house!! I really liked the Animal Safari idea.
  • Second is a list for all ages over at An Uplink Life. They have a great list of 150+ ideas for family summer fun. Again, a lot of good reminders of things you used to do and forgot about: making clover chains, play marco polo, tie-dye, etc. The last item in the list is my favorite (if I was that cool kind of mom). The list includes links to fun projects and activities, such as the Obsta-Cool Course over at Family Fun, and the Fairy Village over at And Everything Nice.
  • And for the Green family raising Green Kids, head on over to The tree Hugging Family for a great list of Great Summer Projects, Crafts, & Nature Activities for Kids. I personally would like to try making candied flowers and a solar cooker! The idea for Wind Clackers looked like it could double as a great idea to keep the birds out of my garden!

Let's get creative and go crazy! I'd love to hear any other ideas if you'd like to share.


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the link love :) These other links look fun too.

Peggy said...

Yes, what Jennifer said! : )

Rani and Will said...

Talk about a fun blog! I love all the info and links and Fischer is so stinkin' cute!