Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just clicking around: photography

I love to look at photographs, I can look at my own scrapbooks and albums hundreds of times, pouring over every picture, every detail. I can also look at other people's albums of people I don't even know and find them very interesting. I mainly like to look and re-look at photographs of people and the places they go.

In fact, a while back I acquired all of my grandmother's photographs from her entire life. My plan is to make a video of all of the pictures so that all of my relatives can enjoy them. the problem is, there are SOOO many and it is a really daunting task. i want it to be perfect and detailed, and so.... I have done very little on it in the past 3 years!!! Talk about a sore subject.... Anyhoo...

I have recently become intrigued by a number of photoblogs that I have come across. I thought I'd share them,

Big happy funhouse is a photoblog of old photos. it is awesome, like looking at my grandmother's oldies. Click on the archive for more photos than the main page holds.

Square America is a gallery of vintage snapshots & vernacular photography. More fabulous oldies. The archives (at the bottom of the main page) are actually organized by theme. Each collection is really fascinating

Running from Camera - is a comical collection of pictures of a guy running from his camera. This guy has been running from his 2-second self-timer for 2 years!

Mr. Toledano takes pictures of bankrupt businesses... surprisingly intriguing. has a hefty index of photoblogs if you find yourself interested. Many of the most popular blogs are by people who seem to be quite incredible photographers. most of the comments are to critique the skill and composition of the photo and photographer. is one of my new favorites to check out periodically. It is a community for photographers and photography enthusiasts (I am the latter of the 2). Anyway, breathtaking photos here.


Janalu said...

My favorite pictures to look at are of other peoples weddings. Well and my own of course but it just seems like wedding pictures are so great.

Mike Mc. said...

Which grandma's pics?

Lisa said...

Mike, I have my Dad's Mom's pictures. The only old pics I've seen of OUR grandmother are the ones in that (anniversary present) album, that I think is at your mom's house or maybe my mom's house.