Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go ahead flaunt it: Wear your Despair

So hilarious! Thanks for the link, Angela! The only problem is, it is really the kind of t-shirt a person has to buy for himself, I don't think it would go over too well as a gift! Damn funny though! Click the squares at the bottom of this webpage for all of the categories. Then click around, they have some great lithographs too! This site was kind of a pick-me-up for me for some strange reason!


Liz and Jake said...

Funny you should mention this is a gift you would only buy for Dad made Jake 2 calendars. He couldn't decide on just 12.

We need to get together! I miss my running buddies. I wake up on Saturday mornings and am seriously lost...I'm not kidding you! I hope you are doing well!

Lisa said...

Check out the Bittersweets, too funny!

Liz - I guess the people i'm thinking of that actually fit the descriptions wouldn't think it was funny.... but a funny happy successful guy would think it was great. I'm sure Jake got a huge laugh! Anyway, I'm up for a run anytime, call me.

Jenny said...

The shirt about more people reading the shirt than someone's blog made me laugh out loud! My family should all get one of those and wear them in front of me.

Angela said...

That site cracked me UP yesterday! I can see that there are some folks who just wouldn't get the humor though. LOL