Monday, April 7, 2008

A very sleepy book pick

The Very Sleepy Sloth by Andrew Murray and Jack Tickle is a cute little story about doing what you do best.... but that is not why I picked it today. I chose it because I AM SO SICK OF BEING SLEEPY!!! The fight to get Fisch to sleep continues, the frequent night-wakings continue, the early rising continues. I AM the sleepy sloth (although not as he is portrayed in this book - because although he is sleepy, he is also a troublemaker - and I don't think I really am). I am glad that Andy is on Spring Break, because the alarm doesn't go off. At least when Fischer ends up in our bed at night, we can sleep until he wakes up instead of until Andy's alarm wakes him up at 4:30 AM!
My only silver lining at this point is: at least we are battling sleep and not poop, like my poor bloggy-buddy is (sorry Angela!). Although, just because I said that, my little zombie who has wedged his mouth under his bedroom door to call for me (on and off for the past hour and a half), is probably going to strip down and do some poop paintings on the wall!

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Angela said...

LOL! I don't know, I remember those sleepless nights and I'm kinda thinking I might choose poopy walls over those. Well, right now anyway, while I'm safely at work and Tom's the one home who'll have to deal with the poop. :)

I'm loving these books you show. The one you mention a while back, The Big Hungry Bear" is one of our favorites!