Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This and That

Welcome to the world Zoe Grace! Congratulations to Fischer's buddy Zev, on his beautiful new baby sister!

Here is our new shed (dream come true). It is already filled, but it made our garage and storage areas MUCH more manageable.

Here is the BEFORE picture of my storage room.

Here is the after: Thank you Tuff Shed.

Andy tilled the garden, spread manure (which Fischer tasted) and we are ready for it to get warm enough to plant!

Combining the skate skills with the stick skills. Look out world!

Other Random bits:
  • The other day Fisch said "Mommy freakin' 'mazing!" (After he went to Winger's with Grandma).
  • Yesterday, he said "Snowing outside" and I said "What do you think of that?" He said, "Kinda annoying".


Liz and Jake said...


What a darling baby...almost makes me baby hungry...ALMOST!

You are so brave to post pictures of your storage room, I am afraid if I did DCFS would come take my kids away...Seriously it's that bad!!!

I am so excited for your new shed and even more excited for your garden, I hope you invite me over for a salad.

Jenny said...

You didn't tell Liz you don't share your vegetables? What kind of friend are you?!

Seriously Liz, I dare you to ask for a couple of tomatoes!

Lisa said...

Ok, so last year I was a bit stingy with my veggies, but that was my first year of gardening. How could I give away my babies??? After letting TONS and TONS of vegetables rot either in the fridge or the garden, I think I've had a change of heart. So this year... I'm announcing that ALL of my friends and family can come over and have their choice of one item from the garden. Anything you want. One pea, one tomato, one piece of spinach, one carrot, one green bean, one strawberry, one raspberry etc. Your choice. My generosity is abundant!.