Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stolen idea: shared

In the back of Parents magazine there are always little tips from moms. One mom wrote in saying that to simplify lunchtime she makes a large pot of spaghetti, spoons it into muffin tins, freezes it for about an hour, then puts all of the little noodle nests in one big freezer bag. This gives you a perfect little serving of noodles for your child's lunch. I tried it and it worked fabulously. I just put the little frozen nest in a bowl with a tiny bit of water and nuked it for about 45 seconds (I have a really old microwave - it may not take yours that long). The noodles came out great! I have added to this brilliant idea by pouring my spaghetti sauce into ice cube trays, freezing it for a few hours, then popping them into a big freezer bag too. Then, I can just pull out a cube or two to nuke with the frozen noodles! So easy and quick for good food at a moment's notice. Usually by the time lunch comes around, we are way too hungry to wait for water to boil.
Update: My friend Wanda makes her own tasty meat sauce, so she fills muffin tins with sauce, for freezing to go with her “noodle nests”, rather than the canned stuff that I put in the ice cube trays for Fisch.


Liz and Jake said...

Seriously what don't you do? Easter basket cupcakes and frozen spaghetti cups, I am just counting down the days until Martha calls you!

Angela said...

OMG, this is a great idea! My husband is the SAHD and a great cook, but seriously lunches are hard sometimes. Who wants to really cook for lunch, especially when all alone with the toddler who can get into sooo much sooo fast!

I just showed this to him and he loves this idea too! We might have noodle nests in our future!