Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Salt Lake City Marathon is ONE WEEK AWAY!

Well, I guess I am going to do this thing! I can't back out now, not with all of the time I've put in and not with all of the money and support my friends and family have put in. Everyone knows about it. People will be asking about it. Do you realize that I am a super chub - still?! Do you realize that I will be running for probably OVER 6 hours? Can you even imagine me running 26.2 miles??? Help! How did I get myself into this? Why did I have to involve the whole world? Why couldn't I have gone from couch to 5K instead of couch to marathon? Lisa, you've done this before. Hello??!!! That was 3 years, 30 pounds less and 1 kid ago. Whatever, you ran 20 miles just two weeks ago, you can do this. Are you crazy? I thought I was going to have a potty accident in my pants!!! Ok psycho...talking to yourself on your blog...BUCK UP! Stand back... mood swing coming... Ok, I CAN do this, I AM doing this. I am running for an excellent cause. I have trained for this. I can do some things to prepare myself this week. I can eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink lots of water. Thursday and Friday I can take it easy and eat pasta. I will be ready. Andy will be there with the camera. My teammates will be doing it too. My parents will be there. Danae, oops I mean "Sheila", will be there. Jenny will be there. I have a brand new Ipod Shuffle to distract me after I lose my teammates. I am strong, the human body is amazing, and I CAN DO THIS!


Liz and Jake said...

Am I noticing a change Lisa??? Did I read some WHATEVER's and SERIOUSLY's in your blog? Have you been converted??

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Can you tell I am tired and exhausted and totally scared to death! I needed a pick me up and appreciate you believing I can do this! Not to mention I love your post and am SERIOUSLY laughing right now!! I can't believe we are doing this!! At least we will be crossing the finish line in style in our charlie's angels outfits!!!

P.S. You look great! You're the one who has actually lost weight running unlike someone else I know (ME)!!! Lisa she's so HOT right now!

Liz and Jake said...

Seriously Lisa! Linking to my page won't be necessary WHATEVER!

Sam said...

you can do it! download the theme from Rocky--it helped me when i did my painful 26.2.
And if you start to hurt (for me mile 23 on was the worst) just tell yourself that Andy is waiting for you at the finish and you have to get there or he'll be wondering where you are! GO YOU!

Jenny said...

You CAN do this, and you better, I'm not making a big glittery sign for nothing, girlie!

On to the important stuff. Music choice. I am very much a girl who is inspired by music while working out and notice nothing gets me moving like a good dance/disco music. Earth, Wind and Fire's dance mix of September is the favorite. It get's you moving, trust me! I'm practically dancing in my seat just thinking about it!